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Booster Nicotine
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Booster Nicotine

In May 2016 the EU’s TPD came into force. This revision included sets out new regulations covering e-cigarettes. 

Booster nicotine , what is it exacly ? 

Booster nicotine is intended to an European public. With the new regulations, vape manufacturers and resellers will not be able to sell e-liquids bottles above 10 ml. 

Booster nicotine is an PG/VG base of 10 ml with a rate nicotine of 20 mg/ml.  You can choose your ratio of PG/VG according to your needs. 

It is important to know that booster nicotine doesn’t contain flavours and so can’t be vape directly. It must be use with an aromatic base of PG/VG without nicotine.

It seems booster nicotine , but how do I use it ? 

 First you have to choose which nicotine rates do you want. By default, if you will have an e-liquids in 3 mg/ml.  You can modify the nicotine level either with less/more  booster nicotine or with less/more aromatic base.

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